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Spend a day immersed in the Syracusan countryside.

Educational Farm

Educational Farm
The Tenuta Roccadia makes use of qualified personnel and multiple natural attractions for schools, valid as a cognitive tool and in-depth study. At the basic offer including visit to the farm with guide, it is possible to combine one or more courses to learn by playing at an additional cost.
From this year onwards, recreational-educational workshops will be set up. Each package has a flexible duration depending on the interest of the school and the weather of the day. The indicated time is approximate. It is possible to have lunch in the company by choosing one of our proposals or alternatively, it is possible to eat in packed lunches.
Cost of the visit
- Basic course "Educational farm": € 5.00
Lunch (optional) prepared by the company:
Complete Menu: € 10.00
Pasta with tomato sauce, cutlet, french fries, home-made sweet, drink.
Pizza + drink: € 5.00
- Optional path "The transformation": € 2.00
"Educational Farm" Route (Recommended age: 3-15 years. Duration: 2 hours)
A brief theoretical introduction in a room set up with tables and chairs, to give directions about the program, anticipate events and capture the experience that could be more attractive to pay more attention to.
A walk along the farm paths: a look at the valley and the volcano up to the first aviaries containing farmyard ovals, parrots and doves.
The farm:
Visit to the horse stables, the cow pens ... pigs, sheep and goats. Together with the farmer we will go to get the hay to feed the animals.
The bees:
Visit to the hives and the nearby vegetable greenhouses.
The Orange Grove:
Walk along the path of oranges, among trees and citrus fruits to smell and refine the sense of smell.
Path "The Transformations" (Recommended age: 6-15 years. Duration: 90 minutes)
This path is approached with different approaches depending on the average age of the class.
Only one transformation can be performed on the educational farm within the same day.
From milk to cheese
At the farm, the farmer will show how to milk a goat. At the end of the walk the school will be gathered in a room to prepare a cheese together. At the same time the classification of origin and seasoning of the different types of dairy products will be explained.
From flour to bread
Inside a dedicated room, tables will be placed for mixing the flour and the subsequent leavening of the mixture. The bread will then be brought to the oven where an employee will cook the shapes prepared by the school.
From orange to orange juice (only available from January to March)
The agritourism is immersed in expanses of orange and lemon groves, the collected citrus fruits are transformed into juices, jams or used in typical local menus. The botanist will show the different citrus families, explaining the life cycle of plants and insects that gravitate around flowers. Each schoolboy can pick up a citrus fruit. The same, inside a room set up for the squeezing, the different juices will be tasted.
From olive to oil (executable only during the milling period)
Each schoolboy can pick some olives directly from the plants and store them in baskets that we will supply. The group will be directed to the oil mill "Le Macine" (outside the structure) to visit the mill and appreciate the milling and the end of the transformation process.

In the event of rain, outdoor activities cannot be performed for greater safety at school. Alternative proposals of the same indoor value will be proposed.


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