Holiday Promo

Tenuta di Roccadia

The holidays? Book them in time!
Booking at the last moment is never a good idea.
Risks of finding everything sold out and having to settle for the highest rates.
Take advantage of our Holiday Promo: by booking at least 4 months before the date of the stay you will receive a 20% discount on seasonal rates.
The promotion is valid until 30 June 2020 and is not valid for the nights of 30 and 31 December

Tenuta Roccadia 

The quality of life has different parameters: clean air, physical activity, pastimes and good food.
Tenuta Roccadia offers all this, plus eating with us is not just a moment of the day, but a sensory experience. Our dishes amaze the eyes, enhance the taste, regulate the mood and satisfy the stomach! In the agritourism menu different local specialties, fresh pasta first courses and tasty Nebrodi black pork dishes, iblei lambs or red spotted veal. Sleeping with us means waking up with a hearty breakfast, with our jams, cakes or donuts prepared by our chef, fruit, orange juice, hot milk or something salty like a slice of Lentinese bread (from the Slow Food presidium) with sliced and provolone.
With us it is possible to eat à la carte always different courses except for Sunday lunch because we offer only fixed menus.


C.da Roccadia sn, 96013 Carlentini sr

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